Take a Look at These Factors Closely Before choosing a Condo!

Take a Look at These Factors Closely Before choosing a Condo!

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Condos are generally likened to apartments with the only difference is the tenants owning the suites and sharing other facilities like walkways, roofs, private pools, landscaping along with other exterior structures. One of the most significant reasons why people prefer surviving in condos is that they do not have to shoulder down to the maintenance from the shared facilities (as those stated earlier). It is the condo association that takes care of everything and costs a fee for the similar. The condos are controlled by specific set of by-laws and the condo association manages ensuring that these laws are not flouted by tenants. Here are a few pros and cons of accepting condos.

Advantages of living in condos

As mentioned previously above, there are a few real serious advantages of living in The Linq At Beauty World. You are not needed to worry about a busted pipe in the swimming pool or damaged tap within the lawn. The apartment association will handle everything. You're not necessarily required to lug out with huge mowers in order to trim the grasses of the lawn. You will find professionals to manage the same. So, you could as well be rest assured that all the crucial needs of healthy living are satisfactorily met without you needing to intervene. The resale worth of condominiums creates one of the most notable merits of condos. Reasonably limited location can promise good returns in terms of resale and rental value

The repairs are shared between different tenants. In case there are some major repairs inside the pipeline then not one tenant is overburdened using the costs.

A flat offers a range of amenities-some of which are unimaginable in detached houses:

• Lawns
• Gyms
• Swimming pools
• Tennis courts
• Gym
• Clubhouses
• Laundry services

The presence of these amenities can significantly bolster the resale value of all the condo.

The condos are seen as an high security. Unlike a clear chair house, your suite isn't vulnerable to thefts or break-ins since condos have heightened home security systems in place including guards on driveways, key codes, and guards roaming around entire complexes in order to prevent untoward incidents. The buildings are very protected against unintentional intrusion of stray animals etc.


Because you will have to share amenities with other people might act as a drawback to suit your needs. However, in case you are really prepared to overlook that factor in favor of all factors mentioned previously, then you are in for a good investment as a condo. You should always be finding out duly concerning the new launch residences Sembawang before settling for a choice.

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